AAC Blocks

Advantage of AAC Blocks.

  • Lower density.
  • AAC blocks require less steel and concrete for structural members and well suited for Temperature Variation.
  • The requirement of mortar for laying of AAC blocks is reduced due to the lower number of joints.
  • Material required for rendering is also lower due to the dimensional accuracy of AAC.
  • The Increased thermal efficiency of AAC makes it suitable for use in areas with extreme temperatures, as it eliminates the need for separate materials for construction and insulation, leading to faster construction and cost savings.

Aerocon AAC Blocks – Strong and lightweight walling material

Aerocon AAC Blocks is an excellent substitute for clay AAC Blocks, concrete and hollow blocks

  • Certified green by IGBC and Griha
  • Saves around 30% of construction time
  • Easy to work with, dimensionally accurate
  • Fire resistant, high thermal and sound insulation, resists pests and fungal growth
  • Reduces the dead load of the building by one third
  • Backed by the reliability and consistency of the HIL brand
  • ISI certified for high quality
  • Saves 15-20% in total construction costs
  • Based on cutting-edge German technology
  • Available in a wide range of thicknesses from 75mm to 200mm